Sensor Technologies



Site support services:

FOX-TEK offers support services at each step of system engineering.

Design: FOX-TEK will provide whatever degree of support a client requests. Areas of work include:

  • Locating fiber optic sensors and monitors (whether continuous, field inspection, or remote)
  • Site checklists
  • Incremental site planning to accommodate FOX-TEK items
  • Scheduling of contractors
  • Installations test and final inspection criteria, and
  • Sign-off of the field installation
  • In the analysis location, development of the appropriate equations for processing data into desired parameters (e.g. wall thinning, bending, strain)
  • Reporting format and timing

Installation: FOX-TEK provides staff and/or training of client staff, to do the field installation. FOX-TEK works within local codes and practices, scheduling its work to minimize impact on exiting.

Training: FOX-TEK provides complete hands-on training to users of our instrumentation systems. Training of personnel can be performed at FOX-TEK or at site. Training takes from one to five business days, depending on customer requirements and staff expertise.

System Integration: In addition to providing support for FT and PinPoint Systems, FOX-TEK is also an Authorized System Integrator for Micron Optics Inc. in Canada, offering Fiber Bragg Grating solutions to structural health monitoring.