Sensor Technologies



PinPoint Sensors:

The PinPoint sensor sleeve contains a tight array of electrical field mapping sensors and thermocouple probes. By generating an electric field through the sensor array, the system can measure the initiation and growth of corrosion defects inside the pipe. The watertight sleeves are manufactured from non-conductive, glass fiber reinforced polyester; vacuum molded according to pipe diameter; and available in 1m (3') and 2m (6') monitoring lengths. Installation requires removal of the pipe coating. The sleeve is sealed at all joints and the pipe is wrapped at the ends to restore external corrosion protection.

The array of electrodes, thermocouples and current input points contact the pipe through a non-detrimental, mechanical fit onto the OD surface. A sleeve can be installed as a semi-permanent fixture and relocated to other, same diameter monitoring locations as required.

For a general introduction see the Primer on the PinPoint EFM System. Specifications are available as shown below:

Bolt-on Sensor Sleeve