Sensor Technologies



DMAT Software:

FOX-TEK provides analysis and interpretation services using DMAT, our database management and analysis tool. Data from all channels of FT Monitors, or PinPoint Monitors is collected and processed into easily understood tabular or graphical formats.

Software functions include the following:

  • Relational database to store the site characteristics
  • Time-stamped raw data
  • Data quality inspection
  • Data filtering and windowing
  • Application specific data analysis capabilities that process raw data to extract desired information, such as foundation settling, pipe bending, wall thinning, or pitting.
  • Tabular and graphical display tools
  • Data import features for integrating other data sources into the analysis process
  • Administrative support functions such as security, automated backup, data integrity protection, networking are all supplied.

For each installation FOX-TEK develops an automated data filtering, data trending, and alarming solution using the modular platform from its own in-house analysis system.