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Continuous Systems:

Continuous systems have a dedicated monitor that can access the sensors at any time, usually on a pre-programmed schedule. This is ideal for those situations requiring continuous updates that support operations, or those involving critical equipment or asset care. These systems are composed of sensors at the site and monitors and analytical processing software in a control center.

Sensor Technologies offers Site Support Services to meet client needs by determining what locations are to be monitored, what parameters are to be reported, and what information is available to complement or support the installation. The timeliness and usage of the data and the reported parameters is determined, as well as the groups who are to receive the information.

FT Sensors or PinPoint Sensors are chosen based upon which technology best addresses the problem at the the site (e.g. pitting, broad-based erosion, bending, compression, or elongation). Sensor placement is optimized to provide the best measurements. The sensors are permanently installed, so the field work is readily integrated into other scheduled other activity at the site.

An FT Monitor or a PinPoint Monitor is installed at the site in an enclosure suitable for the operating environment. Often, the sensors are some distance from the monitoring point, so cabling is installed to carry signal to and from the sensors. Cabling from the sensors and solar, battery, or line power is connected. After commissioning, the monitor works on a programmable schedule, interrogating the sensors, storing the raw data, and sending data files to a central analysis point using telemetry.

FT System

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