Sensor Technologies



Field inspection systems:

Many sites served by FOX-TEK systems do not require continuous reporting. For these sites, a scheduled or on-demand visit by field staff to the monitoring location is all that is required to collect data which indicates rate of change, or shows that the asset is healthy.

These systems are composed of sensors installed on the asset, cables that lead to a conveniently located monitoring point, and a secure, all-weather break-out box. Data is collected using a battery-powered portable monitor. In most instances, the data is later sent to the analysis office and processed.

FOX-TEK supplies Site Support Services and Analysis Services to assist in determining what locations are to be monitored, what parameters are to be reported, and what information is available to support the installation.

FT Sensors or PinPoint Sensors are chosen to address the site needs (e.g. a pipeline, refinery vessel, bridge girder, or foundation). Scheduling of the installation is done so that impact on everyday operations is minimized. FOX-TEK staff or authorized field installers work at the site with the client to commission the sensors and the monitor. Often, the sensors are some distance from the monitoring point, so fiber optic cabling is installed to carry signal to and from the sensors. The timing and delivery of the data and the parameters reported are determined with the client..

After initial readings are taken to commission the site, further monitoring is undertaken by FOX-TEK, or else by the client’s field staff. In either case FOX-TEK then uses the sensor configuration, the desired parameters, and the field inspection schedule to build a model in DMAT Software to process the data.

Before every visit, route planning, prior data, optional checking for abnormal field conditions, are loaded into the portable monitor. During the field inspection the monitor interrogates the sensors and processes the raw data for transmission to a central analysis point.