Sensor Technologies



Remote Systems:

Some sites where FOX-TEK Systems are installed have infrastructure that supplies AC power and access to wired communication. Other sites are more remote. FOX-TEK has power and communication packages to suit all applications. Typically, FOX-TEK offers its Site Support Services to engineers systems to meet client’s needs. After determining what locations are to be monitored, and what parameters are to be reported, the system is built up from these parts:

FT Sensors and PinPoint Sensors are all-weather and available to cover various temperature ranges.

FT Monitors and PinPoint Monitors are mounted in proven self-powered enclosures meeting the environmental conditions at hand. Low bandwidth telemetry via radio or satellite link enables scheduled measurement, measurement on request, or continuous data streaming from an operations center. Enclosures and telemetry are quoted on a custom basis to meet site demands.

FOX-TEK staff or authorized field installers work at the site with the client to commission the system. FOX-TEK provides Analysis Services using its DMAT Software, after the data is received at FOX-TEK.