Sensor Technologies



Analysis services:

FOX-TEK offers analysis services for clients that have installed field inspection, continuous, or remote systems. The service is tailored to a client’s organization and needs. For some sites, FOX-TEK undertakes analysis using modeling before any installation is done, to simulate the range of possible results and better understand and define the challenges facing the client. In other cases the site and information required are more straightforward, and standard processing of data is undertaken.

 Examples of services provided include:

  • Scheduling visits to sites for field inspection (by client staff, or by FOX-TEK staff under a Site Support Services contract)
  • Receiving data from systems (by secure network, encrypted data packet transfer, or by telemetry)
  • Data archiving and secure storage
  • Processing of data into desired information
  • Reporting
  • Presentation and engineering support following reports

 Analysis services are quoted on a per-project basis and run for one or more years, depending upon client preference.