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PinPoint Remote Monitoring Station:

The PinPoint Remote Monitoring Station is a command and control center interfaced with the PinPoint Sensor. It is remotely located from the sensor, and contains all sensor power & control terminations, as well as telemetry. Periodic data uploads from the remote monitoring station to DMAT provide remote station status check and all information needed for interpretation of the corrosion conditions.
The PinPoint Remote Monitoring Station is designed to operate outdoors or in conventional instrument sheds. A number of telemetry options are available, including RF, Cellular, Satellite and Local Network. The Monitoring station can be powered by either AC line, or by solar powered systems typically found in remote pipeline right-of-way locations.

For a general introduction see the Primer on the PinPoint EFM System. Specifications are available as shown below:

PinPoint Remote
Monitoring Station