Sensor Technologies



Engineering collaborators:

The following government organizations, universities, or companies have permitted being listed on the Sensor Technologies website. Further information about specific projects may be available from Sensor Technologies upon request, depending upon authorization from the organization.

Zamil Group
The Zamil Group is one of the most reputed technical service and trading organizations in Saudi Arabia, with an outstanding reputation for reliability, dedication and individualized service. Success stems from dedicated staff. The Oil & Gas Division supplies specialist products and services for the sector. The division also provides unique value solutions to technical problems through a well developed network with international companies supported locally by experienced staff.

CANMET- Natural Resources Canada (Government of Canada)
CANMET collaborates with Sensor Technologies in various areas such as: field and theoretical engineering aspects of welding, modeling of pipe strain, integration of Sensor Technologies data with other types of sensors, and Sensor Technologies FT sensor performance with specialized pipe coatings.
ISIS - National Centers of Excellence Network (Sponsored by The Government of Canada)
ISIS (Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures) has established several projects to monitor bridges and other structures (e.g. structures at decommissioned nuclear plants) using Sensor Technologies systems and know-how.
Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Syncrude Canada Ltd. is the world's largest producer of crude oil from oil sands and the largest single source producer in Canada. Syncrude currently supplies 13 percent of the nation's petroleum requirements. Sensor Technologies and Syncrude are working on monitoring of wall thinning in high-temperature elbows. Work on wall thinning in tailings lines has also been carried out.
University of New Brunswick
Drs. Bruce Colpitts and Anthony Brown from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are collaborating with Sensor Technologies in the development of new systems using Brillouin technology.
UTIAS - Institute for Aerospace Studies (University of Toronto, Canada)
UTIAS facilitated the opportunity for Sense Technology to work on NASA's Micrometeoroid and Space Debris (MOD) Program which supports the International Space Station (ISS). Sensor Technologies has executed work as part of a first-phase UTIAS-NASA contract utilizing Sensor Technologies Corp technology, designs, and know-how.